Extreme Shockinaw with Endza and Nettle (HD)

This was an interesting one. If you’re not familiar with Shockinaw, it’s simple: each player holds a handle, and music plays. When the music stops, each player has to hit the button on her handle.
Whoever presses it last loses an article of clothing, and also gets an electric shock. Ouch. Anyway, when I told them the rules of the game, Nettle and Endza both bragged about how tough they were and how a little electric shock wouldn’t even make them flinch. “Okay then,” I said. “If you’re so tough, play the game but don’t hold the controllers in your hands, hold them pressed up against their pussies. I dare you.” This definitely eroded their confidence as they contemplated getting shocked in that most sensitive of regions, but in the end, a dare is a are. And so…

The girls were nervous as hell, shaking and sweating. Also, it turns out that electrically stimulating the twat results in certain physical reactions, the upshot of which is that the controllers became slick with their juices, which incidentally made them more conductive.

And the loser has to take a strap-on from the winner. (I must say, while she blushes and giggles, she doesn’t seem to mind much.) It starts with a kiss, then moves to a latex BJ. The strap-on dick is not small, and the loser demonstrates that she’s pretty good at taking a cock deep in her mouth. The winner kindly rubs the loser’s pussy to get her ready for the fucking (which isn't really necessary, considering how wet she is already) and ends up spastically three-fingering her. Then the winner slowly inserts the dildo from behind, and the loser rubs her already-aching clit. They finish by rolling the loser on her back, legs wide open, while the winner pumps madly at her loins. (Man, who writes this stuff?) The winner, like many girls, isn’t great with the strap-on, having been raised with the handicap of not having a dick. But she does manage to bend herself over and suck her own cock, which is kind of the Holy Grail, so well one, winner. We threw in a little bonus footage from after we called cut, with the girls talking candidly about how great it must be to have a dick. Yes, it is, ladies. Yes, it is.

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