Stripscotch with Zayda, Amber Heavens, and Candi (HD)

The last time we saw Zayda and Amber Heavens, the loser of that game vowed she'd play no more games that day. She didn't break her vow; this one took place before the epic game of Strip Jarvis.

Joining them is newcomer Candi, risking her first ever nude appearance in front of a camera. I'd considered starting her off easy before deciding "Nah" and tossing her into a game for one of the raunchiest forfeits we've had yet.

This game also introduces my friend Dante, who acts as spinner and spectator for this game. The girls play until two of them are naked, and then the losers must face off in a second challenge: an orgasm race using a double-headed dildo. Unlike our usual orgasm races, this is a "reverse" race: the girls are struggling to be the first one to cum. Whichever one doesn't make it to climax first has to finish off by giving Dante a blowjob. You're welcome, Dante.

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