Strip Darts with Sharron and Bella (HD)

There’s a lot of brand-new stuff in this episode.

In Episode 439, our St. Andrew’s Cross was like the second Star: incomplete, yet fully operational. Fortunately, no rebel scum came by to destroy it, and now it’s not only more functional than ever, it’s finished and painted and looks great. Theon Greyjoy would feel right at home. Mad props to Hippo for designing and building this thing.

New girls Sharron and Bella get to break it in, although they don’t know it at first. I decided to make the Cross a surprise, so I led them in wearing blindfolds, which they could remove on-camera. I have to admit, their reactions were a bit more muted than I’d have hoped. Oh well.

The game is Strip Darts, using our snazzy new electronic dartboard, with the winner of each round taking a piece of clothing off the loser. It’s right-handed Bella vs. left-handed Sharron, the game lasts about 12 minutes.

The loser gets strapped into the Cross, and the winner uses our brand-new purple wand vibrator, Prince. The winner knows what she’s doing, and after teasing the loser for a bit, the winner makes her cum, and then just keeps right on going. More orgasms are ripped from the loser’s body, leaving her shaking.

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