Strip Team Noname with Jasmine and Angela vs. Keenly and Sassy (HD)

I wanted to do something special for such a major milestone, so: 400th episode, 4 girls, 4 dicks for the loser. All four girls are knockouts. Sassy is back with newbies Keenly and Jasmine, and making her first ever appearance on video, Angela, who arrived too late to play in Episode 399. They play Noname as teams, with Sassy and Keenly vs. Jasmine and Angela. One member of each team tries to throw the pucks past her opponent, while her teammate helps retrieve the pucks thrown at them. Failure costs both teammates a piece of clothing.

Once the losing team is determined, the two players face each other in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine a Big Loser and a Little Loser. The Little Loser has to sit on the couch, spread her legs, and masturbate while she watches the Big Loser, who has to take all four guys at once. Three of the guys have never been on camera before.

It can be tricky to manage a four-on-one gangbang, but Dante takes the lead and orchestrates it well. And in the end, he directs something I’ve never seen (let alone filmed) before: double-vaginal penetration, two cocks in one pussy.

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