Strip Pod Stomp with Missy and Lakota

Meet new girl Missy, who's here to face off against veteran Lakota.. Missy is a model. She's not a runway model, nor a glamour model. She's not even a fetish model or a porn model. She's an ink model. Her body is decorated with several square feet of intricate designs, and she likes to show them off.

Because she's not a fetish model or porn model, she's never done anything quite like this before, but she'd heard about and though it might be a fun way to stretch her limits, and I was happy to have her. I was trying to think of a good forfeit to use for her first time out, and asked if she'd be willing to risk having to masturbate for the audience. She looked pretty apprehensive but agreed to do it on the condition that she could keep her legs closed. I said okay, but at the same time I told the guys on the camera to make sure to catch every time she slipped up and showed pink.

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