Team Champion with Team Fuck Yeah vs. Team Vagenda

After five years, we here at are proud to present Episode 300! Huge mega-thanks to all our friends and fans who've helped us make it this far. And we've got a hell of a game to celebrate the milestone.

It's a team game: Team Fuck Yeah, with team captain Johannes and his lovely teammates Cherry, Aubrey, and Devon, squares off against Team Vagenda, represented by team captain Belle, backed up by Troy, Violet, and Starli. Emcee duties are in the capable hands of Skittles.

The game is called Team Champion. The emcee draws a slip of paper with a mini-game challenge: moving ping pong balls from one container to another using only your nose and some honey, blowing up balloons until they pop, building an inverted pyramid using paper plates and plastic cups, that sort of thing. Each team nominates a champion to compete in the challenge, and they're off. When a team's champion loses, every member of that team has to strip.

The team that ends up stark naked first (Team Vagenda) has to entertain the winners (and the audience) with an ouroborous: an oral sex citcle, each person giving head to the next while receiving it from the last. It got pretty hot. So hot, in fact, that things didn't stay at that level: the winners enjoyed the show but after awhile weren't content to be mere spectators. At first, the winners started playing with each other, but it wasn't too long before the whole thing turned into a free-for-all. There was a triple blowjob, some stunning feats of acrobatics, two girls kissing each other on the lips with a double-headed dildo down their throats, and a good time was had by all.

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