Strip Red-Black with Marcy and Cal (HD)

You remember Marcy and Cal, right? They’re the mature couple that was fans of who contacted me to ask if they could be on the site. And who am I to turn down requests from fans? They’re back again, and oral sex is on the line. Whoever loses will be giving a blowjob or a good pussy-gobbling, on camera for all to the seer.

It’s a game of pure luck, and it’s a quick one. A card is drawn, and if it’s a red card, Cal gets to take off a piece of Marcy’s clothing... If it’s a black card, she does to him. Keep in mind that these are amateurs, not accustomed to exposing themselves in front of everybody. Marcy, in particular, does her best to hide her nudity, which is not easy considering her generous tits.

The loser does what they have to do, and they know what they’re doing. It isn’t long before the loser ends up with a mouthful of the winner’s juices. Good times, good times.

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