Earth and Fire with Julie, Amber, and Sassy (HD)

We present Starring three girls. Cute Julie with her long strawberry blonde hair. At the time, she was so shy she wouldn’t even open her legs on camera. Over time, I very gradually coaxed her into loosening up, relaxing her limits more and more, until by now we’ve seen her do, well, a lot. Despite this, she still blushes and giggles when she loses her clothes. No matter how many times she ends up exposed, it still embarrasses her.

Amber just barely edges out Julie in terms of seniority, having made her debut in Episode 027. That was one of the hottest shoots I’d done up to that point and it resulted in Episode 038, still to this day one of our most popular clips. She had cute little teeny tiny tities, but since then she’s gotten one of the two best boob jobs I’ve ever seen. I’m not at all a fan of fake tits, but when they’re done this well I’ll make an exception.

Sassy started a little later than the other two, not debuting until Episode 197. But it’s not her fault that she was ardy the party: she had barely turned 18 her first time. And she wasn’t even supposed to be playing. At the time, she was Dante’s girlfriend and was just tagging along for the ride. (After they’d broken up, she’d have to fuck her ex for losing Episode 443.) I used my magic to talk her into playing. Unfortunately, she was lucky and lose much. Years later, she contacted me to ask if she could come back, and I readily accepted. Then she warned me, “By the way, I look a lot different than I used to.” “Oh great,” I immediately thought. “She got fat.” I mentally braced myself for the wors, but when she showed up to shoot Episode 376, she turned out to be a stunning redhead. She indeed looked very different from the last shoot, but even hotter. Since then she’s become a regular, and I’m happy to say that her luck has taken a turn for the worse.

Sassy and Amber actually played together before, but they both looked so different that neither recognized the other.

The game is Earth and Fire, and these girls really don’t want to lose. First, the forfeit is rather humiliating. Second, losing means being forced to cum against your will, which is humiliating in and of itself. And third, the girl who cums first will suffer the additional indignity of losing this Very Special Episode 600.

And that humiliating forfeit? The winners put on strap-ons while the loser goes down on all fours and gets fingercuffed by them. Or spit-roasted, if you prefer that term. Either one gives a pretty vivid picture of what’s going to happen. Eager to avoid that fate, the girls attack with fingers and tongues while on offense. Sassy’s face turns red almost immediately, but it isn’t long before all three girls are flushed with arousal and the strain of trying to avoid it. Julie giggles uncontrollably as tickle as well as aroused.

I have to say that despite her limited experience with this game, Amber is a real pro. I was impressed. Not only does she skilfully stimulate the defender’s pussy, she seductively spins fantasies for the poor girl. It’s hard for her to ignore the insistent tingling radiating from her pussy as she’s expertly masturbated. And when Amber is on defense, she recites math and historical facts to distract herself from cumming. We’ve all been there, right, guys?
We forgot to prepare the strap-ons ahead of time, so the winners spend 4 minutes untangling them and putting them on. We left the footage in, though, ‘cause it’s funny. The winners engage in a brief sort fight, then they claim their prize. I want to call out one of the winners for being particularly awesome. The winners share a classic Eiffel Tower, then change places so each gets a turn in the loser’s mouth and her pussy. One of the dildos is a lot bigger than the other, and that’s the one that goes in the loser’s pussy second. She’d gotten used to the smaller dildo, so her eyes popped when the bigger one entered her. It’s a pretty cool site.

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